Kirk Karwoski Training Routine

I found this at www.basbarbell.blogspot.com. This is Jim Steel's personal site and is chalk full of information, very much worth checking out.

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Kirk's training routine.

Day 1- Monday- Squat- working up to a heavy set. He would cycle 8's for awhile, then 5's, then 3's and 2's as the weeks went on. Because he was so strong, his volume was still pretty high, and the tonnage was also. Kirk would hit some hack squats after squatting, but only if his knees werent bothering him. Basically, he would squat and leave.

Day 2- Tuesday- Arms- close grip bench press, ez curls, db curls. Heavy on all of this. He cycled the close grip and worked HEAVY on the db curls, strict with the 80's and up.

Day 3-Thursday- Deadlift- same kind of cycling as the squat, but usually lower reps becuase of grip issues. Lots of doubles and triples here. He then would do Kirk Shrugs. They were for his grip and trap development. He also at times, did some t-bar rows, focusing on squeezing at the top. He felt like they contributed to his back development.

Day 4- Saturday- Bench Press- lots of sets of 5 here, heavy and pausing. Eventually, before a meet, he would do heavy doubles and singles.
Incline press- heavy sets of 5 here
Lateral raises- he would work these on a machine, just a few sets.

No pressing, lat pulls, pushdowns dips, etc. He just liked barbells, and training heavy.

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